Reserve Parachute

Paragliding reserve parachute systems:

The DFC are agents for all the sports leading reserve parachute manufacturers and have a price match policy. You will not lose. Tel Steve 0776 2729662  Reserve repack video?

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Innovations, Skyman ultra Cross, High Adventure Beamer 3, Macpara Aegis light, or front mounting  and paramotoring reserve systems.  Why not purchase with my help? Steve Hudson.

Emergency parachute repacking service:   

Paraglider / Hang glider pilots need to know at least once a year if their parachute system is serviceable. As a BHPA Licensed Parachute Packer. I prefer to service the whole emergency system, Harness and Reserve. Why? Having the whole Paraglider reserve system allows me to hang in the Paragliding harness and pull the reserve parachute. This in turn answers a few questions. Does it come out? Is it secure? Are the links connected? Is it the right size? I repack the reserve to the manufacturers instructions or if not available to the BHPA standard packing format and reassemble the whole parachute system.” Steve Hudson EPPSL.

BHPA inspection & parachute repacking service: £60.

If you’re confident about your flight system I can repack the reserve parachute alone: £40

If you want to know more about reserve parachutes click here.

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