Paragliding lessons, Hang Gliding.

The Derbyshire Flying Centre, established by Stephen Hudson CFI – Senior Instructor, British Hang Gliding/Paragliding team. BHPA Merit Award.

Derbyshire is the place to learn to Paraglide and Hang Glide, with the variant UK weather producing highly skilled and knowledgeable pilots. If flying is for you, then we share you enthusiasm and can take you through the BHPA pilot qualifications. To open up new horizons.  “an experience beyond imagination”, the ability to fly as free as a bird.

How to avoid web spin, Go to a flying site and speak to the pilots about “Bravery, knowledge and skill”

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To make the most of Paragliding UK weather we open year round. lessons from £200. Contact Steve on 0776 272 9663 If you want to purchase a Paraglidier / Hang glider We can meet all your flight equipment needs with suitable equipment that matches your individual flying style. We offer great value, courses take a look at Booking info/costs. 

Try a Taster day  PG Courses or Hang gliding with us. Almost anyone can learn to fly a Paraglider/Hang-glider. However, a degree of fitness and mental agility is required. These aircraft are simple to fly, but it is nonetheless still “aviation”. The pilot’s attitude to safety and airmanship is what ensures an accident free flying career. Why not give our Taster day a try, like Jeff and see if you were born to fly.    BBC. Radio. Jeff Cuttell paragliding taster day.

logo bhpa 3‘Why fly with us? We have close links with the Derbyshire Soaring Club to enable a smooth transition from school to club. We have enabled hundreds of pilots to reach their goals. You can meet them on any flyable hill. We understand that learning to fly can be expensive and scary. Training is absolutely vital! Choose the DFC as the place to try this three dimensional sport. Like Chris with his amazing Paragliding journey. 

 Safety: Hang Gliding and Paragliding are extreme sports, like all adventure sports are dangerous. All BHPA schools will discuss their safety record with you. As a pilot you must take care of your own safety at all time.

DFC. We do not spend your money on advertising frivolously.  We try to keep our  overheads low, standards high and offer excellent value for money. For over twenty Five years we have negotiated training hills in the beautiful Peak District National Park. Flying sites link

Expert flight instruction is carried out by BHPA qualified instructors. We are a small friendly team led by Steve Hudson CFI email whose knowledge of local sites and conditions will make your passage to pilot a success. The DFC has a proven history of successfully qualifying people to club pilot standard and sourcing them the very best flying equipment.

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