Course and Costs

HG/PG Courses and Costs

As a novice you will normally start with a taster day course.

If you know the sport is for you then you will start with the 5 day Elementary Pilot course (EP).  After you have completed your EP, most pilots purchase a Hang-glider or Paraglider with our guidance and move on to our Club pilot course.

Paragliding Flight equipment special offer for 2021 a SOL Atmus 3 (EN-B) or Flow Cosmos (EN-B paraglider, Calliplox reversible harness and  Nerv helmet (RRP £3450) From DFC with CP course included £3450.

Taster (including BHPA membership)
Elementary Pilot Up to 5 days Instruction
Club Pilot Up to 5 days Instruction after EP
Hang Gliding
 One day : £150Five days : £650Per day : £200
Two day : £290Four days : £560Gear : £100 per day
 One day : £150Five days : £650Five day : £750
Two day : £290Four days : £560
Speed Gliding
 One day : £150Five days : £650Five day : £750
 Two day: £290Four days : £560
Group Discount
Three or more please ringThree or more please ring.

BHPA membership is compulsory when you learn to fly with us. The cost of the BHPA membership is included in the price of 1 and 2 day taster, however the other courses do not include BHPA membership.

You must  join the BHPA for 3 months £100 or 1 year £164 during your training. When you are qualified full annual membership is £139 per year.

CP Pilots can hire flight equipment from us. It is be possible to use your own flight equipment once it has been inspected and approved by us for use in the school environment, The inspection fee is £150.

Personal insurance available from the BHPA insurance Bureau.

Foreign Flying courses. We offer courses out side UK on demand, but as a qualified club pilot you can come and have fun in the sun, on a mountain experience course.

The BHPA Club pilot rating is not the end, If you want to fly cross country from cloud to cloud you will need to pass your BHPA Pilot rating. You may want to qualify as a  tandem pilot or foot launched powered pilot. This can be done in the club environment or with us at the DFC. Finally, once you have gained the required experience you can take the Advanced Pilot exam. The highest pilot rating and a level to aspire to!failogo01n

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