Gift Voucher

Gift of free flight voucher.

Paragliding UK or Hang gliding UK.

Please send us a booking form with the participants details, the voucher box ticked and a cheque for the appropriate fee. The voucher will be sent to the person at the address on booking form. Please state if you want it sent to you at an alternative address.

The booking form asks for photograph and signature of the participant. We understand that if the voucher is for a gift then it may not be possible to do this. Just fill it in the best you can

Once you have sent the booking form and cheque. if you do not have the voucher back within a week please call 01298 872 313 or 07762729663

If you have access to internet banking it is possible to email us the booking and pay the fee directly into our bank. Please email me Deposit Voucher jpegto arrange this. Steve.


  • £25 for the deposit voucher.
  • £135 for the day voucher.
  • £260 for the two day voucher.

BHPA membership is included for all vouchers. The voucher is valid for one year. The voucher can be used for Hang gliding lessons or Paragliding lessons. If you are not sure the participant can decide when they ring to book their day.

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