Hang Gliding

Hang glider Videos.

Taster day Hang Gliding £200 (includes BHPA)

Special Offer. Book midweek Taster day, 3 or 4 people and get £25 discount per person.

Get off the ground. Get in touch with the air. feel the exhilaration as your feet leave the earth. Our BHPA instructors with nature make this all happen with a minimum of risk. BHPA essential guide Basic Hang-gliding

A Hang gliding taster day is a fun learning day. Fresh air and exercise in the hills of Derbyshire`s Peak District National Park. Due to the niche appeal of Hang gliding and the need to have at least three participant’s on the day, Patience when booking your day may be needed.   Taster day video

Taster day Gift voucher? have a look at our voucher page, contact us 0776 272 9663 or indicate your preference on the booking form. To continue your Hang gliding adventure we offer an Elementary course. We are sure you will progress feeling that you reallyhg steve duel achieved something special.  With an EP Hang glider certificate and the skill of flying a remarkable aircraft.

On the day of your Hang gliding course you must phone in at around 8am to 9am to check the weather. We then meet in Bretton S32 5QD at 10am, where the usual schedule is as follows:

BHPA pre-course theory.

10am:Welcome and intro talk, sign up to the BHPA.
11am:Explanation of kit, walk/drive to the site.
11.30am:Site and weather assessment Introduction to the equipment, daily checks, pre flight checks, instructor launch demo
12.30pm:Your turn! Clipping in, launch control of the glider, getting into the air, landing, post landing control.
1.30pm:Low level flights, gradual increase in height as the weather/group dictate.
Finish:dependent on group fitness/weather. Usually around 5pm.

The Taster day course fee includes all Hang gliding equipment, one-day mandatory BHPA membership and tuition. All you need to bring is a packed lunch and suitable outdoor clothing including some gloves and reasonable ankle supporting boots .

What is achieved on a Hang gliding Intro course is dependent on the weather, your level of fitness and ability. You can expect to be making short exhilarating Hang gliding flights on the first day. Initially  we use tethered flight technique or Tow flights under the control of your instructor.

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