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Hang gliding is the most exciting way of getting airborne today and has turned the dreams if Icarus into reality. The weight shift steering is the closest feeling to being as free as a bird. The hang glider is without doubt the most versatile flying machine with free flight hill launching, Winching, Aero towing, or with the addition of a light power trike unit.

The sport of Hang gliding has progressed from its dare devil start to become one of the worlds best forms of sporting aviation. Pilots regularly fly at 5280ft from cloud to cloud for more than a hundred cross country miles in the UK. Why not sign up for one of our Hang gliding courses. You can start with the fun learning experience of the Hang gliding Taster day or a weekend Taster Hang gliding course or if you are sure the sport is for you a 5 day Elementary pilot Hang gliding course. We at the DFC believe you can only learn the flying skills needed to fly from hills and mountains from a hill based UK flying school.

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Teaching Hang gliding requires experience born of years.  We have history of successful qualified people to club pilot standard. At DFC we teach in the hills of Derbyshire (with most of the Hang glider pilots in the North of the UK taught by us). We have the experience and the equipment to teach you to fly, dedicated training gliders and great Hang gliding sites facing all wind directions. Please note that the CAA requirement to be able to fly unsupervised in the UK or abroad is that you reach the BHPA Club Pilot level. By successfully completing Elementary pilot and Club pilot Hang gliding courses with the DFC you will be at that level.

Elementary pilot Course. 5 Days £550 (BHPA membership not included )hg training1

The EP Hang gliding course is designed to bring the complete beginner up to the accredited BHPA level of Elementary Pilot. At the end of the Hang gliding course the pilot should be capable of site selection, weather assessment, self launch and adequate flight planning to perform a flight with turns and a landing within a designated area.

We meet at our centre at 10am and start the day with an introductory talk. After this we sign you up as a member of the BHPA. This is obligatory as it gives you third party insurance. there are several membership options depending on your circumstances and aspirations. Current membership fees can be viewed by clicking fees page.

All Hang gliding equipment is supplied for the course; you just need to bring adequate clothing and good, ankle supporting footwear a packed lunch and drink. Even from early on day one you will be connected to the Hang glider learning the basics of pre-flight checking and ground control. We then move to a slope where you will first defy gravity!

At Derbyshire flying centre we like to keep the student to instructor ratio low to ensure a rapid, but above all, safe progression. At all times you will have contact with your Hang gliding instructor.

What is achieved on an Elementary pilot Hang gliding course is obviously dependent on the weather and your level of fitness and ability, but you can expect to be making short exhilarating Hang glider flights on the first day. progressing at your own pace to the freedom of the Sky.

The classroom work comprises of theory sessions on flight theory, meteorology and air law. Our ability to impart the essential  knowledge will be tested with your short multiple choice exam towards the end of the Hang gliding course.

By the end of the Hang gliding course with the DFC in Derbyshire you should have experienced the truly wonderful sensation of flying above the ground in the stunning scenery of the Peak District National Park. Certainly, you will know whether you have the desire and ability to progress on to the Club Pilot Hang gliding course.

Once you have achieved Elementary pilot level you are able with our guidance to purchase your first Hang glider, harness and reserve parachute on which you can complete your CP training.

5 Day Club Pilot Course £1000 + glider hire

The Hang gliding Club Pilot course usually takes 5 days and progresses the Elementary Pilot holder onto soaring skills, often with Hang glider flights of 15-20 minutes or more. Tandem Hang glider flights are used for some tuition. Radios are used for communication between instructor and Hang gliding student at all times. We have found that in addition to week day and weekend training it helps Hang glider Club pilots to progress if we make one evening per week available for Club pilot tuition. The evening for Club pilot training is chosen on a Monday to suit the weather

At the Derbyshire Flying Centre we take great pride in producing Hang glider pilots with a high skill level and a good attitude to embark on a long and safe flying career.

If you have committed a Hang gliding Club pilot  course. This normally means that you intend to take up the sport, so it makes sense to be using your own Hang glider. A new Hang glider and harness will cost about £4,500, used equipment is usually available from about £1,800. Buying your own equipment from the Derbyshire Flying Centre has several advantages:

  • You use the same wing each time you fly.
  • We take the responsibility of matching you to the right flight equipment seriously.
  • Your harness is adjusted correctly for you
  • You begin your flying career, satisfied that your equipment is right for you and is correctly set up and adjusted.
  • We are able to give a discount when you purchase your glider from us because as a school we do not have to invest in a wing for you to fly

You can hire Hang gliding equipment from us £100 per day. It may be possible to use your own Hang gliding equipment once it has been inspected and approved by us for your use in the school, The Hang glider inspection fee is usually £150.

We are happy to talk to you about the best options for you. Including package Hang gliding deals with tuition and equipment.

Once the Club Pilot level has been achieved you are qualified to fly without an instructor.

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