Flying Site Guide

Flying today? Notice to airmen Notam.

Derbyshire Soaring Club sites guide.

Here are some site guide videos for some DSC sites: The DSC sites cost the club members money so please join the club and make your contribution.

Good for Ground handling. DSC Coaching. Blacka Moor. Wind directions, NNW,  NE, E, Flat on top,  150ft t/b  take off 53`32 00 60.N 1.583129.W car park off Hathersage Rd A625 walk south 500m. The site was left in trust for recreation by Alderman Graves. 

Stanage Edge video site guide.

Rushup Edge video site guide

Cats Tor  video site guide

Bradwell Edge video site guide

Lord Seat, Wave video site guide

Mam Tor NW / Lord Seat video site guide.

Treak Cliff / Long Cliff video site guide.

Rushup Edge winter Wave. Video

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 Red dots below links to DFC videos on YouTube / Vimeo

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