Club pilot theory

Basic HG/PG Elementary pilot course theory BHPA

Learning to Paraglide in Derbyshire  Chris Dervins  pilot journey, web page.

How to pack a Paraglider concertina packing macpara

Paraglider O-ring Maillion installation how to.

Steve Hams Video shows why Static Kiting is Banned.

Visual flight rules UK

Dimitar Shiderove video of Turbulence and Rotor

Airfoils and Airflow video.

Nasa flight Basics of Aviation

Hill soaring Don Puttock glider pilot. page.

Wind and  rotor on a ridge, simulation.

Paragliding Top landing? CP. Can you answer the questions for each video.

1. Ears then speed bar or speed bar then ears?  Wind gradient on approach to top landing? video

2. What do you do if the radio instruction stops? Landing approach arrival position? video

3. Dangers of top landing this site in strong winds?  Ground speed air speed wind speed? Video.

Met office Clouds / weather symbols

Kelvin Helmholtz instability Gallery of fluid motion

Max glide, Min sink, best L/D  performance

Wind flow and Pressure, Surface winds.  Highs and Lows

Thermals, Lapse rate

Lapse rate view Video.

Lapse Rate, Stable or Unstable?

Rules of the Air & Air law is not the same in all country’s or is it? link.

Jerome Daoust  Paragliding tips.

DHV German testing Paragliders.

Cp exam  test.

Cp and more exam test

You fly! Think about how not to die. pod cast.

Paragliding and the mind.Tony  pod cast 

Wave theory? Video.

Wave if you are brave. S Hudson. pod cast.

Bill Morris.  Paragliding reserve deployment and repack lesson.

Revision notes for the BHPA pilot exam. An excellent starting point that gathers into one site much of what I have pdf’d below. This link is in grateful appreciation for the work of the late  Graham Taylor (who did all the work) and Sheila Knotts in keeping his website available for others.

Airlaw (P and AP level)

Advanced Pilot Material – but good for Pilot too

Advanced Pilot application form

Airspace Classification

Pilot exam test questions

Flight Theory

FLPA (SPHG) syllabus

Pilot Exam syllabus


AP/P Presentation in powerpoint (excellent)

VFR/Airspace and lots more (bit techie)

Judith Mole Podcasts

A Guide to Paragliding  Competitions

A Guide to glider EN rating/skills sets required

Risk profiling chart

Joint Coaching Day Powerpoint slides (from March 2012)

SECTION 2 – Practicing

SECTION 4 – Performance

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