Paragliding UK Course

Please note that the CAA requirement to be able to fly unsupervised in the UK or abroad is that you reach the BHPA Club Pilot level. By successfully completing EP and CP courses with the DFC you will be at that level.

Elementary Paragliding 5 days £550 (BHPA membership not included)

On our course you will experienced the truly wonderful sensation of floating above the ground with Peak District National park stunning scenery laid out before you. If ylogo bhpa 3ou always wanted to fly free as a bird our Elementary pilot course will give you the thrill and enjoyment that is Paragliding. You may at the end of the course decide that paragliding is fun and exhilarating to learn but it is not the right time for you, then you will have your DFC Certificate and the skills to return to the sport later. Certainly, by the end of our Elementary Pilot course you will have had fun and met some like minded people and you will know if you have the desire and ability to progress to  the Club Pilot course and become a qualified Paraglidier Pilot.

The Elementary Paraglider Pilot classroom work comprises simple theory sessions on flight theory, meteorology and air law. Our skill at imparting the flight knowledge will be tested with a short multiple choice exam. This is best done at the end of the course.

All paragliding equipment is supplied for the course; you just need to bring adequate clothing and good, ankle supporting footwear – and a packed lunch. The Elementary Pilot course is designed to bring the complete beginner up to the accredited BHPA level of Elementary Pilot. At the end of the course the pilot should be capable of site selection, weather assessment, self launch and adequate flight planning to perform  simple flights with turns and a landing within a designated area.

Once you have achieved this level of skill you are at the right stage to purchase your first paraglider from us on which you can complete your training. If you have equipment not purchased from the Derbyshire Flying Centre and intend to use it on the CP course. There is a £50.00 Inspection fee. We must be satisfied that your equipment is airworthy and suitable for your progress.

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Paragliding CP Course 5 days £650 (BHPA membership not included)

The paragliding Club pilot course usually takes 5 days of flying that progresses the elementary pilot onto soaring skills, often with flights of 15-20 minutes or more, landing back on the top of our grassy Derbyshire hills. Radios are used for communication between instructor and student.

Also covered are more advanced Paragliding launch techniques, strong-wind Paraglider control, rapid descent techniques, instability, dealing with emergencies and general airmanship. Our Club pilot course is about growing your Paragliding knowledge and Skill in a friendly atmosphere.

We take great pride in producing Paraglider pilots with a high skill level and a good attitude to embark on a long and safe flying career.  Ex student Chris`s Cp plus web page 

If you have committed to starting a Club pilot course with us, then this normally means that you intend to take up the sport, so it makes sense to be using your own equipment for this. Please give some serious consideration to purchasing your flight equipment from us at the DFC. A new Nova SUSI paraglider, or Macpara Progress wing, Macpara harness and Plusmax helmet cost £2800. Used equipment is usually available cost about £1,800. Buying your equipment from us has several advantages:

  • You use the same wing each time you fly.
  • We take the responsibility of finding you the right flight equipment seriously.
  • Equipment from the DFC has no inspection fee
  • Your harness and reserve will be adjusted fitted for you
  • When you begin your flying career you need to know your equipment is right for you and is correctly set up and adjusted
  • We are able to give great value when you purchase your paraglider from us because as a school we do not have to invest in a wing for you to fly.

You can hire all flight equipment from us. It is possible to use your own Paragliding equipment once it has been inspected and approved by us for your use in the school,

You need to bring adequate clothing and good, ankle supporting footwear and a packed lunch. Once the Club Pilot level has been achieved you are qualified to fly without an instructor.

Paragliding in the UK can be among the best in the world, if you intend to fly in the UK you should learn here as to learn abroad will not equip you to fly in the UK. We do however have more than our fair share of unsettled weather, if you are keen and have a busy lifestyle this can become frustrating. From our experience we have found it useful to run a course one evening a week for our Club Pilots. The best evening for this is decided using Monday’s weather forecast. The pilots are informed of the proposed evening and simply ring on that day to check conditions.

I am happy to talk to you at any time about the best options for you including package deals with Paragliding equipment etc. Steve Hudson CFI.

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