Taster Day Paragliding

TDP £200 – (BHPA included)

Flying is not for everyone. Everyone knows its amazing. S Hudson. CFI.

The taster day with DFC is a Fun exhilarating Paragliding  learning day, get your feet of the ground in the hills of Derbyshire. Universally enjoyed. Paragliding lessons with certificate on request. celebrate your adventure. Here is Rob`s day Video.  and Tracey and Joel`s day Video

On the day of your course you will phone in at 8am to 9am to check that the weather is okay. We then meet at the Barrel Inn Bretton S32 5QD at 10am, where the usual schedule is as follows:

  • 10am: Welcome and intro talk, sign up to the BHPA

    Steve Hudson giving morning intro at Bretton Barrel Inn.

  • 11am: Allocation of kit, walk/drive to the site
  • 11.30am: Introduction to the equipment, daily checks, instructor launch demos etc.
  • 12.30pm: Your turn! Clipping in, inflating the glider, keeping it overhead, how to land.
  • 1.30pm: Gradually moving up the slope to low level flights, gradual increase in height as the weather/group dictate.
  • Finish time is dependent on group fitness/weather. Usually around 5 pm.

The TD fee includes all Paragliding equipment, one-day mandatory BHPA membership and tuition. All you need to bring is a packed lunch and suitable outdoor clothing including gloves and some reasonable ankle supporting boots. For your pre course info,  BHPA guide to Paragliding and Hang-gliding training theory.

What is achieved on the Paragliding course is dependent on weather, your level of fitness and ability. You can expect to be making short exhilarating flights on day one and to progressing at your speed of learning. I am sure you will want to move on with our Elementary Paragliding Course. But even if you decide not to continue  your Paragliding adventure. We are sure you will go home satisfied; feeling  that you really achieved something and with the memory of flying a remarkable aircraft that will be with you for a long time.

For a Paragliding taster day gift voucher please contact us on 0776 272 9663, or indicate your preference on the booking form. Paragliding taster days are usually on Saturdays, Sundays, but can be organized for any day.

Two Day Paragliding Course  (BHPA included)

This is our shortest course a true taste of our exhilarating  sport and is the first two days of the Elementary Pilot Paragliding Course. It is all about flying but includes some basic theory, pre-flight checks, site evaluation, launch/ handling skills.pg d-f-c web 5

Even from early on day one you will be connected to the Paraglider learning the basics of pre-flight checking and ground control. We then move on to simple Paraglider launches and landings before venturing onto a slope where you will first defy gravity! Video.

What is achieved on a Paragliding course is obviously dependent on the weather and your level of fitness and ability, but you can expect to be making short solo hops on the first day.

On the second day we build on the basics of day one and progress you up the slope or higher on the winch to give you more Paragliding airtime. You will have achieved free flight under your own control, with supervision of your instructor.

At the DFC we like to keep the student to instructor ratio low to ensure a rapid, but above all, safe progression. At all times you will have contact with an instructor in an interactive friendly atmosphere.

If you do decide to continue your Paragliding training with the BHPA Elementary paragliding course. Your two day intro course will give you a flying start to the Paragliding learning process.

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