Speed Paragliding lessons

Speed Flying is the most adrenaline intense sport for those pilots with a lust for adventure. http://www.acromacedonia.com/speedriding.html

Speed w ibexOn the cost, Speed Flying Paraglider pilots fly in wind speed of up to 25 MPH!  Speed Flyers can take the adventure of stronger winds using 12, 14 or 16 meter Speed Gliders!

Mountaineering, hiking or climbing to the summit with a 10kg Flight pack then flying to your car in a matter of minutes. Fly hike Gliders (14. 16 or 19 meters) launching from mountaintops and steep meadow launches, flying out into the valley, experience yet another high.

Ski Riding.
On the snow, this new sensational flying sport is called Speed Riding – a blend of paragliding and skiing. Ride/fly the slopes at incredible speeds. Flight manoeuvrability of a paraglider to the turn of speed of your skis adds a whole new dimension to getting down the mountain.

For years pioneer mountaineers have been using Paragliders to descend from mountains. Now its your turn. With the technology of incredibly light materials, the knowledge of aerodynamic performance and stability used in paragliding. Descending flight is taking on a whole new meaning!

speed w zion 2

The best way to get started in Speed Flying? Come master the simple first steps of Paragliding first, so you know how to fly! Learn the proper inputs you will need to operate the wing. Learn how to handle a surge. Explore the speed. In Speed Flying and Speed Riding, everything happens fast. It makes sense to build a foundation of glider control skills in a slower, more forgiving aircraft before you move to the big time. Even a single day lesson will teach you valuable lessons about our incredible aircraft.

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