New Paragliders

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All brands of wings and flight equipment. Nova, Flow, Macpara, Swing, ETC. 

Flow Freedom 2, 2/5 liner – performance from an EN B Wing.

Flow Freedom2 is for sale from us with price match. The wing offers unprecedented performance gains for the EN B class.

This new glider, packed with state-of-the-art tech. Dust of the universe review Dust of the universe: FLOW Freedom 2, S (70-95) (

  • Hybrid 3-2 line layout
  • Efficient rear riser steering
  • Advanced shark nose airfoil
  • 4 ways split A attachment point VPA (Variable pressure A-Attachment)
  •  Semi light weight construction

Guidance before purchasing new or used flying equipment. Check it out with your BHPA school. For example, harness and matching reserve? parachute? or Paramotor wing? riser choice  etc.

 Paraglider servicing? We offer Paragliding servicing. Best time to act, October to March. Laser line check video.

Price match policy. Purchase your paraglider and flight equipment from DFC and be assured with BHPA registered school integrity. Plus we offer your first year Paraglider service at half price on new wings purchased from DFC.

Not sure? call Steve 0776 272 9663

 Red dots below links to DFC Youtube / Vimeo

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