Pilot Hand Book  The Pilot handbook. Written by Mark Dale. The Pilot Handbook includes all the information you need. Flight theory, Airspace,  Etc, for the BHPA  EP and CP exams. Novice to Pilot rating. Price: Hang glider pilots DFC course book £25 or from BHPA online shop.

Meteorology & Flight (79) Tom Bradbury’s book Meteorology in Flight gives you everything you will ever need to know about the weather. A pilot’s guide covering both large and small scale weather systems, illustrated with line drawings, graphs and satellite photographs, this… Price: £20 online from Bloomsbury

Touching Cloudbase (52) DFC Paragliding course  book. Touching Cloudbase by Ian Currer The definitive instructional book on paragliding. It has extensive sections on paramotoring, Tandem flying, choosing equipment, flying in different countries. The complete BHPA  syllabus EP, CP, and Pilot rating is covered DFC Price: £25 or from  BHPA online shop.

Understanding Flying Weather (60) Derek Piggott’s Understanding Flying Weather is a must have for Hang glider / Paraglider pilots. In simple and assessable terms it explains how the atmospheric phenomena works for gliding. Price: £16 or Online from Bloomsbury

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