Paraglider Servicing

Book your wing in with us for winter servicing from October / March  — Servicing Booking form.

Want to check your own paraglider, here is how, go to  Flumen video.

Our specialty trim check, Macpara, Gin, Skyman, Nova, Ozone, Flow, etc Steve 0776 272 9663.

Paraglider Service £80 includes visual inspection of canopy, risers, brake lines and handle. Porosity test visual inspection of the lines. If  your lines are serviceable we will do a sample lines length check. (We will inform you if we think a full Trimming check  is needed)

Replacement lines. If needed are £20 to £30 per pair. Lines will be replaced symmetrically.

Full line length Trimming check and trimming the wing + £40.

Line strength check? Depends on airtime/age and condition, £30 per line.

If we think it needs extras or repairs we will ring or text you.


If you need more detail please ring or email Steve. 0776 2729663

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